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Good, but could be great!

It’s not a bad utility for iTunes. Simple, easy to use and navigate. One issue is the menu buttons. If you use the “Dark Menu Bar” in Yosemite from the General control panel (it tuens the menu bar black instead of semi-white transparent) among other things, it can be hard to see the controls. also also there is no pull down menu to see artwork, etc. Overall, $1.99 isn’t bad to spend on convince. I’ve spent more on similar products that do basically the same thing.

I like it, but

It needs a shuffle or playlist option. And I would like to be able to move the notification where I want it instead of the four corners and have it stay open until I close it. Would recommend, but hope for these improvements in the near future

Battery Hog

First, let me preface this by saying, it's a nice little app - worth $1 USD It pops up a little window with the song name and album art for each track played in itunes. Here are some details I did not find in the description you might find useful: -Running this app on laptops with 2 graphics cards will force the more powerful one to run at all times, Sucking up battery life. -There is a menu choice with the word "Lyrics" on it - I have yet to see any actual Lyrics - I think the author meant to say "Song title" Beyond that, I wished it was just a bit more streamlined: -the song title displays when the song starts, but if you're in the middle of a song and want to see what song it is, you have to pause/play the song to see what it is. -It'd be great to have the ability to move the pop ups to a second monitor.


Make the menu/settings a right click option rather than having an icon and I'll give it five stars. It's perfect other than that...

Excellent Notifier

Bought it for a pop up notifier of the current song playing. Works better than Growl. Good product.

Its good but..

Please allow me the ability to change the size of the font for the music and also give me the option to removed the previous, play, and next button on the top right corner of my screen. Thanks! Also, if you have Growl installed on your computer then installing Growtunes will allow give you a bit more customization.

Perfect for my needs

The default iTunes miniplayer unfortunately did not meet my needs, as I would often need to relocate the player when working on various projects. I absolutely love the minimal controls added to the status bar. There is no volume control, which is not an issue for me as I use an external audio interface which has it's own volume control, but It could be an issue for others (although I'm sure there must be another app somewhere to add volume control to the status bar). The pop-up notification window doesn't bother me, however it would be nice to see in a future version, at very least, the option to disable the pop-up windows.

Worked well for a bit

Love this app. I downloaded it for one reason: To see song titles while iTunes rocks out and I get into my work zone. With that said, it worked wonderfully for a week -- until the song titles stopped popping up inexplicably. Don't know what happened, or if I changed something inadvertently (but I don't think I did). Had to uninstall the app and reinstall, which has it working properly again. I'm just hoping I don't have to do that every few weeks for it to work as described. Otherwise, no complaints. It's not obtrusive in the slightest. But I do wish I could hide the iTunes controls from the menu bar. My keyboard works fine for that, and I whine a lot about clutter.


does what I expected and shows the current song in a little window. I usually just use the keyboard conrtols but now i can use the ones on screen too!

I just wish...

I wish that there were more customizable things about this app. I would like to adjust if notifications come up about the song changes, sometimes I don't want the notifications to pop up. Also, I would like to customize the notifications to just the song name, or take out the cover-art...that kinda stuff. Otherwise, it works great adn does exactly what I want it to! Yay:)


Works just as expected. Doesnt slow down my comp or iTunes in anyway, no matter what. However, maybe allowing the ability to customize the notification would be cool, colors and what-not. Also, maybe a button in the status bar mode that automatically shows the notification, so I dont have to pause and play the song to know what im listening to. Also, maybe playlist integration would be cool, to be able to choose playlists. Just a thought.

The unobtrusive way to listen to iTunes

This is really simple to use. Works well.

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